My Mistress

Slave Nuessen from Italy submits his feelings about a special event which took place some time ago in a castle in Italy:

From early youth i knew that my only destiny is to be the slave of a Mistress.

I was lucky to be introduced to an elegant Lady who found me worthwile to become her personal servant. How could i prove I shall be always hers for now and ever?

In my heart and body i felt more and more that to give up my manhood would be like an irreversible promiss to her.

So i asked Her submissively: My Goddess, could You consider the idea of crushing my balls, please? For me it would be the ultimate love proof towards Womanhood, to give to a Superior Goddess like You and to all Women my toll to pay for all things men did and still do to Women.

My Mistress replied: It would give me an extreme sensation of might and power. If you deliver your cock and balls they’ll belong to the past with no remorse.

She arranged my end of manhood to become an event with special guests.

La Contessa from Vienna and a circle of high rank people from Italy were invited in the castle of my Mistress. She entered the large hall in the cellar completely dressed in Latex. Her beautiful body must have looked exciting, i imagine, but her stiletto heeled latex boots was the only part i was allowed to look at. These heels, created by men to make Women sexier will be used to crash the symbols of the old power. The heels – from instrument of oppression become a tool of Female Supremacy and power over males.

I was fixed on the floor and with the weight of her full body, concentrated on the little surface of her heels she cracks my balls flatten and breaks my boner. The time seemed to pass endlessly; it was absolutely noiseless; only my mourning was to be heard.

In this hopeless situation i felt proud all Mistresses, Masters and slaves could witness Her power and envied Her for finding such a willing slave accepting to give up sex and children for ever.

It cracked and cracked, the pain was so hard i lost my conscious.

I understood later She had continued till the work was fulfilled completely. Since then i live my life as an obedient subject to the mercy and generousity of my Devine Mistress.

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