Domina Lessons

Zofe Lucy

The four ladies entered the room happily chatting; they were curious and excited as for the first time in their life they were going to be taught in the art of dominate men.
They sat down in four comfortable armchairs placed in the middle of the room with one more bigger and higher black leather armchair, a sort of a throne, in front of them.
Having a look around there could be seen a small table with many ankle and wrist collars on, an high china vase covered with a red drape and an elegant spanking bench with four black steel legs with all the necessary to be bound to and with the top covered in red leather. In a corner of the room three short chains were hanging from the wall each one with a hook at his end.
A soft music was diffused and they all were comfortable and, at the same time, really much excited.
Then the door opened and Contessa entered the room. She was wearing a long leather skirt and a white shirt underneath which you could see the top of satin and lace black corset. An high black leather belt, black stockings and a pair of elegant decolletees with high heels completed her outfit. She was really formal and sexy at same time, a mix of innocence and strength. Her eyes were expressing authority and an intriguing decision. She smiled gently at the ladies and took place on her throne. Then they all started with the greetings and exchanging salutations.
A few minutes later Contessa clapped the hands and Lucy, Contessa’s personal maid, entered bringing a tray with five glasses and a bottle of champagne. Lucy was wearing her shiny latex maid uniform with white apron and satin cap and elbow length black satin gloves. The uniform was very short so anyone could see Lucy beautiful legs, totally shaven, wearing self adhesive black fishnet stockings and 12 cm black patent pumps with stiletto high heels. She had a deep slutty make up and long blonde wig and wore a thin collar at the neck and pairs of wrist and ankle collars. The ankle collars were connected by a thin chain so Lucy had to move forward with very little steps and that caused her a very funny way to move her steps and the sound of her clicking heels sounded

Lucy served the drinks and waited until they were all finished; then collected the glasses and brought the tray on the table. Afterward, as soon as she could with her ankles tied up, she moved to reach her place at Contessa’s feet, caressing and kissing her feet and shoes.
Then Contessa started the lessons by giving the ladies the basic instructions about how to start with dominating their slaves, how to tease them and how and when to punish in order them to get them serving and adoring their Domina; in other words how to have them deserving and asking for the punishment as an outmost reward!
The whole lot of the ladies were carefully hearing at Contessa’s words not missing any single word she said.
After roughly an hour or so Contessa decided that that was the time to get more practice with the correctional instruments and with those who were going to receive practically the “ kiss of the whip „.
She freed Lucy from her ankles chain and gave her a brief order. Lucy raised up and went to door and returned back in a couple of minutes stepping into the room holding the end of a chain which kept tied to their neck collar three robust male slaves. They were barely naked, totally shaved and they stopped in front of the ladies, in the center of the room, facing Contessa who ordered them to keep their eyes to the floor.
The whole lot of the ladies raised up and started watching, touching, exploring and testing the slaves from the bums to the nipples. One of the ladies wondered, manipulating their cocks, how “ men “ they could be and Lucy, following Contessa’s order, went down to her knees and with the able touch of her gloved hands and with the help of her gentle tongue and lips had the three of them, in a very short time, all stiff and ready and eager to show their masculinity.
Contessa followed introducing them by simply calling as “ number one “ and “ two “ and “ three“.
The ladies were very much satisfied and returned back to their armchairs and Lucy led the slaves to the corner where they were fixed to the chains hanging out from the wall and then Lucy completed their outfit with the ankle collars and fixed their hands behind their back with the wrist collars she found over the table.
Lucy quickly regained her place at Contessa’s feet bringing and unwrapping the vase which showed its content of a widely range of correctional instruments. Into the vase there were many kind of whips, riding crops, martinets, straps, cat o‘ nine whips, tawses a dozen of canes and many other of various shapes and materials.
Contessa gave Lucy the order to stand up on her knees and to bring her all the different devices as she was going to show the ladies every single piece and teach them about the art of how to use them on the slaves!
The lesson went on for almost an hour and the room was filled of sounds of the various “ swhises “ of each one of the instruments for the pleasure of the ladies and the fear of the slaves ( and Lucy’s too!).
During this time Lucy had to show to the future dominas every single object and then to bring to Contessa always staying on her knees but when she had to show a very elegant riding crop all in black leather ending with a little leather hand she left it fall on the floor. She rapidly collected it and gave to Contessa who, with a very gracious smile, stated that she was going to be punished for that and with the same crop. Unfortunately this happened also with the very last of the instruments: an old fashioned English cane! Lucy shivered to the simple thought of it, but regained her place at Contessa’s feet.
Then came the time to practice. Lucy was ordered to go to the slaves and free them. Two slaves brought the spanking bench in the center of the room, the four ladies moved their armchairs to make more room and the third slave was bound to the bench, fixed ankles and wrists, and the first of the dominas started to practice what had been taught to her.
Contessa stayed on one side of the bench watching with attention what she was doing and nodded several times, specially when she used the cane with real much skill. All the dominas had to use the various kinds of instruments on each slave and it all lasted a good half an hour.
As the second lady started her turn Contessa stepped a little backward, she was getting horny and aroused by what she was watching. She ordered Lucy to stay on her knees behind her, raised the skirt ( she wasn’t wearing underwears as was also been asked to the dominas to do ) and invited Lucy to pleasure her starting from her backward „rose“. Lucy made her way into her lovely bums, showed the tongue and kept licking until the third lady had already began to show her skill.
Contessa gave Lucy the permission to relax a bit and have a drink. Lucy was nearly exhausted; she had never pleasured her Padrona for such a long time!
She had just begun to relax when Contessa wanted her again on the knees but this time in front of her and showed Lucy her adorable pussy. She had not even to be instructed and eagerly started kissing and licking what Contessa had given her the permission to adore.
The air was filled with the swishes of the whips and the moanings of the slaves and also the four ladies were getting excited. The fourth was nearly to finish her turn when Contessa exploded in Lucy’s mouth a load of dense and juicy humours.
She felt completely relaxed now, had Lucy standing up and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
The lesson was going over but Contessa had not forgotten Lucy’s punishment so, when the fourth lady finished, she ordered to three slave to wait in front of the bench and led Lucy toward it.
She personally kneeled down to fix Lucy’s ankles to the legs of the bench and then had Lucy bending over the top of the bench. Then placed two of the slaves on both sides and had Lucy grabbing their cocks. The two slaves stepped a little backwards so Lucy was there with her ankles fixed to the bench, her arms widely spread and the third slave in front of her at few inches from her face with his big stiff cock well in sight of Lucy‘ eyes.
Contessa and the ladies talked a little about how the punishment had to go and decided for a couple of dozens of strokes with the riding crop and two round of canes, the good old style “ six of the best! „. She added too that this was to be considered as a sort of a final examination for them with a special, she said it with a smile on her face, big reward!
First came a dozen from the crop with Lucy firmly staying in her uncomfortable position and the six strokes of the cane. Lucy could not resist and started screaming and begging to finish.
Without saying a single word Contessa nodded to the slave in front of Lucy who quickly filled Lucy’s mouth with his cock so she now couldn’t even moan or scream.
Then the third and the fourth ladies completed their exam and, at the very end, Lucy ass had all the colours from deep red to dark violet with several marks across her bums.
The examination was at the end and Contessa stated that the second lady had won the contest and would have been given the best reward.
Lucy was freed an stood in line the slaves a little uncertain on her high heels, sighing and silently weeping but, when Contessa firmly fixed her hands behind the back, she knew that she was the reward and obediently kneeled down in front of the winner who had in the meantime undressed the skirt and started again pleasuring her pussy.
The rest of the ladies had all undressed their skirts and Contessa placed the three slaves in front of them, fixed their hands at back and all gave them their rewards.
All the ladies were very much excited and in a short time they all came into an unisonic orgasm with moaning and screamings of satisfaction.
Now the lesson was really over, they all sat down for a final drink served by Lucy who then fixed the slaves with the chain to their collars and took them out of the room.
When Lucy came back the ladies were now exchanging kisses and salutations with Contessa who gave them a second appointment for an other lesson about how to get served and pleasured by male maids.
That was going to be an other big occasion for Lucy, she thought!, and following Contessa’s orders accompanied the ladies to the doors.
Then it came the turn of the slave who had to give their proper submissive kisses to Contessa’s feet and were accompanied to the exit door.
Everyone had left the house and Lucy came back to the room where Contessa was waiting for her on her throne. She gave her a silent order with the hand an had Lucy over her knees. With a special scented unguent she gently caressed and massaged Lucy’s spoiled and sore bums and that particular ointment gave her in brief a big relief.
Then she had Lucy standing up, fixed a leash to her collar and them both went out of the room with Lucy following her Contessa who said they were going to the “ red room „. Now Lucy realized that it will be for her a very long afternoon and following her Padrona entered the room!

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