Lucys Dream

Slave Transvestite-Lucy from Italy wrote to la Contessa:

The first time I had the luck of meeting la Contessa was five years ago in Italy, the land I live in. From then on I kept seeing her almost two or three times a year, and any of our meeting is deeply impressed in my mind. She helped me to take out the most secret desire of being forcedly feminized to serve and adore my Contessa!

The following story is a dream of mine:

La Contessa calls me that she will be in Italy again and orders me to wait for her in her hotelroom on a certain date and hour. I was excited all day and was there at least one hour early. But since she had instructed me to check-in before her, it was like a meditation while expecting her. As she opened the door I was on my knees kissing the tips of her high-heeled stiletto shoes and regal hands.

I took out from my bag my new black wig and my long black satin night dress, but first she forced me into a tight corset which gave me an impressive hour shape when la Contessa tightened it very hard. Then a long and accurate make up completely transformed me. Et voila! Lucy the sexy slut was borne once again.

She had been very gentle so far much appreciating my feminine shape and my way to walk wearing incredible high heeled pumps, but now was the time to suffer!

I was forced to sit on a chair with my ankles bound with a long black rope and my hands restrained with shining metal handcuffs behind my back. In this painful sitting my nipples were long tortured with clamps and weights and my balls were whipped with the tip of a short whip and finally two more clamps were added to my suffering balls!

Then she freed me and gave my the permission to worship her feet and legs to finish with her royal buttom. I deeply inserted my tongue into her well scented anus and kept licking and kissing her all over. By that time I was really turning on!

She decided that this was the appropriate moment to “ prepare “ me: I knew what this meant!

She led me over the bed with my knees on the ground and started whipping my bottom with a hard and painful cat o‘ nine and kept whipping for a long time. I thought I couldn’t stand it. Finally my ass and myself were really red and hot.

La Contessa put on a strap-on dildo which I had to suck and lick and then fucked me deeply. I was really going to heaven and she whispered me many gentle words: about me being her lovely doll and slut, how I shall have to serve other ladies or even men! Then she came out of me and grabbed a monstrous dildo which I was forced first to do a complete blow job and then she stuck it deeply to the very end into my already wide spread and excited anus!

I had reached the top and she too, keeping to torment the asshole of her adoring sexy and horny slut.

When she was satisfied I enthusiastic kissed her adorable feet and thanked her for paying so much attention to a unworthy slavegirl.

We redid our make-up and I had the honour to take her out to dinner. We went to a cosy restaurant, ate and drank a good red wine, chatting and talking about us. She really knows how to finely dominate her slaves physically and mentally, with a firm iron hand on one side and a warm respect on the other. Serving and adoring her is what I really have been taught by la Contessa and that is certainly what I am secretly into.

I deeply look forward to seeing you again, my Contessa!

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